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The Macfab Group provide 3D scanning services both infield and onsite. Our Faro 3D Scanner eliminates guess work in production and allows us to take accurate site measurements on any job. By using our 3D scanner, you can be confident that any parts or fabrications manufactured in our facility, will fit perfectly when installed onsite. As a benefit to you, we save hours on site by recording accurate measurements with our Faro 3D Scanner, eliminating manual measurement errors made in the field and ensuring only one visit to site is required.

Often when designing, upgrading, reverse engineering or replacing a component or structure, the constraints can be tight. Traditional documentation methods may take days or weeks to capture the measurements of a large object or structure, and even then, the data can contain errors or missing information. By using our 3D scanner to scan the existing structure, mounting location and component. It can be certain that our solution will fit, without the need for extensive site measurements or multiple prototypes/test fits.

Using our Faro Focus s70 we can scan the building site, existing spool, engine, pressure vessel, etc. and put the scan directly into our 3D modelling software. Each scan typically takes 7-11 minutes, and most sites require between 3-7 scans depending on the size of the site. This significantly reduces the time required to take site measurements and removes the problem of missing key measurements. This is extremely useful when the alignment of new to old components is paramount. The scanner can scan up to 70m and is accurate down to the mm and does not require any calibration targets to be added to the scanned area. The only requirement is that the item being scanned is not too reflective.

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We provide professional and high quality 3D printing services to our clients. From simple PLA or ABS printing, to complex, purpose-designed, engineered and tested 3D printed solutions. Our fused filament fabrication (FFF) printers are capable of printing a range of materials including PLA, ABS or most importantly, carbon fibre reinforced Nylon. Whether you already have a model that needs printing or just have a problem that needs a solution, with the power of additive manufacturing we can solve it.

Our star machine is our Markforged Mark Two carbon fibre FFF 3D printer. With it we are capable of printing precise aluminium-strength parts, negating the need for expensive machined aluminium components. The filament material that we most commonly print is a micro carbon fibre filled nylon (Onyx) which is 1.4 times stronger and stiffer than ABS and chemically resistant. On top of this our Mark Two printer can reinforce the part further with continuous fibre reinforcement (CFR), which is unique to Markforged printers. We can reinforce the component with carbon fibre, Kevlar, fibreglass, and high strength high-temperature fibreglass.


Our 3D printed components have a best-in-class surface finish which can be either left as is or painted for aesthetic purposes. 3D printing is most often used as a prototype tool, however, with our Mark Two printer, we can output one-off parts to large runs of end-use components.

If you have a model design already, send through an enquiry today and we can get you a same-day quote.

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3D Example.png
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