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The Macfab Group have developed long lasting partnerships with Toowoomba builders, supplying them with high quality, industry products including adjustable stumps, steel columns, steel support beams, portal frames and step stringers.


The structural steel products that our qualified fitters and boilermakers can provide include:

  • Access Stairways, Platforms and Walkways

  • Columns and Mullions

  • Droppers and Hangers

  • Roof Beams and Rafters

  • Floor Beams and Struts

  • Raking Angles and Wind Beams

  • Window Head and Sill Beams

  • Ceiling Beams and Outriggers

  • Ceiling Joists and Floor Joists

  • Wall Bracing and Roof Bracing

  • Roof Purlins, Girts and Bridging

We will provide structural steel and aluminum maintenance and repairs if required within the greater Toowoomba and South East Queensland region. We can repair awnings, commercial stairs, trolley bays, trailers, bollards, sun shades, hand rails and balustrades for commercial or industrial buildings and public areas.

Why use The Macfab Group for your Structural Steel requirements?


The Macfab Group provide end-to-end metal manufacturing and fabrication solutions. We have the ability to project manage your job, saving you or your company both time and money. 


We are dedicated to exceeding industry standards in our specialist field and have an outstanding reputation for customer service. We employ dedicated, qualified and experienced personnel and foster excellent relationships with our suppliers and sub-contractors. 

Equipment and Project Types:

  • Crows Nest Retirement Village structural steel 

  • Extraordinary Joe Coffee Shop structural supports

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